Product Launch

January 07, 2015

Announcing the S340 Color Edition

Today we’re pleased to announce the availability of the S340 in two new stylish colors: Matte Black paneling with either Gloss Blue or Gloss Red accents. Both colors will be widely available to all NZXT sales partners. View more

Product Launch

November 05, 2014

The H440 – Designed by Razer is Now Available for Pre-Order

Earlier this year, NZXT™ launched the remarkably clean H440 chassis. With its industry leading innovation and commitment to bringing users the cleanest PC inside and out, the H440 has quickly become an NZXT favorite around the world. In working with Razer™, a globally recognized leader and ambassador in all things gaming, NZXT is ecstatic to introduce a special edition H440 that sits at the pinnacle of chassis design and PC gaming culture.View more

Product Launch

September 02, 2014


Forged from strong, cold-rolled steel, the S340 exudes an air of confidence that only the most durable of cases is capable of exhibiting. View more

Product Launch

July 08, 2014

The World's First Variable Speed Liquid Coolers - Kraken X31

The Kraken X31 takes our Kraken liquid coolers to new depths by reimagining our industry-leading 140mm platform in a smaller, more affordable 120mm package without sacrificing performance or the cutting edge hardware the Kraken has come to be known for. View more

Product Launch

June 03, 2014

NZXT Introduces Two Groundbreaking Products with CAM Software Functionality

In May, NZXT introduced the world to its first piece of software, CAM. A simple companion for your PC, CAM brings cloud integration, mobile support and a modern user interface together to create an effortless PC management experience. Now, NZXT is proud to introduce the first two CAM compatible products, the GRID+ and the Kraken X41/X61.View more

Product Launch

May 20, 2014

Meet CAM, a Simple Companion for Your PC.

Upgrading, managing and maintaining all of the components inside a computer can be a daunting task for both new builders and veterans alike. Over the years, computer hardware has advanced rapidly and as a result, monitoring software has become increasingly complex.View more

Product Launch

April 22, 2014

Introducing the Phantom 240 Mid Tower Chassis

A product designed with several years of feedback in mind, the Phantom 240 brings a refreshing new style and full-view window to the table while keeping its signature asymmetrical shape. Included with the chassis are two of NZXT’s recently redesigned standard case fans, the 120mm FN V2, bringing additional cooling and lower noise levels.View more